Monthly Archives: February 2013

Other new projects נאָך פּראָיעקטן אין גאַנג

Other projects in the works: The latest issue of YIVO’s linguistic journal, Yidishe shprakh; An updated version of YIVO’s brochure “Basic Facts about Yiddish”; A full bibliography of all YIVO publications since its founding in 1925. :נאָך פּראָיעקטן אין גאַנג ;דער נײַסטער נומער ייִדישע שפּראַך ;אַ באַנײַטער נוסח פֿון דער בראָשורקע „יסודותדיקע פֿאַקטן וועגן ייִדיש אַ פֿולע […]

More on the maps נאָך אַ פּאָר ווערטער וועגן די מאַפּעס

I have mapped Yiddish names of cities, towns and regions in eastern Europe, along with the official names for the past 100 years. It will soon be possible to click on any of over 2,000 towns and see their Yiddish and official names. For those people interested in where the ancestors lived, the delimiting of […]